Race and #RealTalk

The vision continues–using the barbershop singing (and listening) experience as a therapeutic tool by which we confront historic and contemporary issues of race in our country. The history of racial exclusion in the barbershop community was a reflection of the reality that manifested in society at that stage of our cultural evolution in America. HALO believes that it can be a unique change agent, by which the barbershop community and the nation as a whole can press forward toward becoming a truly united people. As we utilize and engage in the unique style of harmonic progression in barbershop singing to guide our discourse as well as the phenomenon of social bonding and trust that group singing facilitates, we can invest our energy in a difficult process of healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and resolutions for peace.


  • Connect people and communities in a mission to utilize the singing and active listening experience of barbershop music for personal and community transformation.
  • Barbershop style serves as a framework in which groups of people can engage in constructive dialogue concerning racism



Visit this link to view our pricing package for Race and #RealTalk programming. Non-profit organizations may apply for reduced pricing as needed by completing a form available upon request. 

Please contact HALO Secretary Anita Prather Harvell at halo.inc.secretary@gmail.com.