Race and #RealTalk: Sharing Spaces

Register today for HALO’s first virtual Race and #RealTalk series, engaging participants from across the country, creating a new space for community to grapple with the realities of racism in the midst of this pandemic.

We will confront the gap between communities caused by racism and segregation which makes it challenging for people of color to enter into and fully participate in spaces dominated by white culture and authority.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Establish community connection across geographical and racial boundaries through group dialogue and barbershop singing using the Race and #RealTalk barbershop metaphor. 
  2. Foster trusting relationships and safe space for guided dialogue about how racism keeps communities segregated.
  3. Lead organizations on paths to community diversity, inclusion, and long-term connection.

How does the Program Work?

Race and #RealTalk is led by HALO, facilitating dialogue and group music making/barbershop singing with licensed clinical professionals: Niambi Powell, LCSW-C (Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Certified) and Shana Oshiro, MT-BC (Music Therapist, Board-Certified).

Once you register, we will use your profile information to assign you to a small group (approx. 8 people). We will aim to create as much diversity in these groups as possible for varied perspectives to contribute to the dialogue.

Virtual Barbershop Singing

  • Group will collaborate to create virtual ensemble of a song arranged in the barbershop style.
  • Individuals will create and share videos of singing voice part to group song with members of assigned small group.
  • Music Therapist will create structured exercises and reflection prompts for participants to engage with the music.
  • Video recordings will be professionally mixed into full ensemble versions.

Culminating Virtual Concert- Sharing the Experience

  • Quarterly virtual concerts will allow participants to share their reflections and process with an audience.
  •  Viewers all over the country and even in different parts of the world can glimpse into the depth of these issues and the impacts of segregation. 
  • Viewers will pay a suggested donation of $10, protecting the safety of the space.
  • Proceeds will benefit partnering charity project.

Program Calendar:

  • 1st Quarter: “What Keeps Us Apart” 
    • Discussing aspects of racism which perpetuate segregation and separateness.
    • September 19- December 12
  • 2nd Quarter: “The Consequences of Separation”
    • How it hurts everyone.
    • January 9- Feb 27
  • 3rd Quarter: “Lead Voices in Leadership- Transcending Tokenism”
    • Centering marginalized voices in strategies, processes and evaluation
    • March 13- April 24
  • 4th Quarter: “Segregation in a Virtual Landscape- Holding Space to Share”
    • Sustaining connections to maintain a diverse and inclusive community.
    • May 8- June 19


The sessions will be held in a two weeks on, one week off schedule, Saturdays from 11:00am-12:30pm EST. These sessions will include:

  1. Monthly large group webinars for clinicians to present program discussion material, including but not limited to:
    • Videos, articles, podcasts, guest speakers.
    • Discussion prompts and reflections.
  2. Small group breakout discussions will be held between webinars to discuss the prompts and exercises presented by the clinical facilitators.
    • Clinicians will spend time with each small group to help guide and process discussion
    • When small groups return to large group, clinicians will help participants share their processes and reflections, allowing for more opportunity to learn from one another as we work through difficult topics.



Pricing would be broken down as follows:

  •     $50/quarter
  •     $75/semester (2 quarters)
  •     $100/yr

Pricing is structured to incentivize engagement with the full scope of the program series.

Scholarship applications available for interested participants who are unable to pay registration fee.

For group registrations of 25+ participants, a 20% discount would be applied to registration fees. Sponsoring entity would be responsible for single payment.

After 48 hours of participant registration, fee is non-refundable.

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