HALO Hits St. Louis!!!

For weeks, all four of us had been totally psyched that we were preparing to take a 13 hour drive from Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri on 4th of July weekend. And hardly able to contain ourselves from telling the world, folks would ask us the occasion for our trip– so of course we told… Continue reading HALO Hits St. Louis!!!

We did it!!!

Wow, what a weekend! Some folks may remember that HALO had the kerfuffle of trying to negotiate getting to Area contest with everybody’s crazy schedules… no small feat, between a contract with the Dallas Opera, a Motown Rock band, a senior year with the Morgan State University Choir, a toddler and another Harmony quartet (and… Continue reading We did it!!!

HALO at Large!

New happenings with HALO!! So, since our wonderful experience at IC&C last year, we were inspired with the idea of expanding our quartet into an umbrella organization. With the aim of infusing diversity into the Barbershop community, we are bringing together a larger group of culturally diverse singers who embrace this genre as part of the… Continue reading HALO at Large!

Serving Youth with Harmony: HALO at the 5th Annual A Capella Workshop

Yesterday, HALO had the awesome privilege of serving as guest clinicians at Loudoun County’s 5th annual A Capella Workshop, where middle-school students who love to sing worked hard to present a concert of songs– 2 songs for the boys, 2 songs for the girls, and one barbershop medley hit: Lida Rose/Dream of Now arranged by… Continue reading Serving Youth with Harmony: HALO at the 5th Annual A Capella Workshop

Finding Our Footprints in Barbershop- Part 2

Continuing this article, Abbott then observes the emergence of the white origins theory of barbershop singing, rooted in the writings of three musical scholars in particular– Sigmund Spaeth, C.T. “Deac” Martin and Percy Scholes– whose quotes on the subject ranged from the claim that barbershop singing was a treasured and peculiar art of the Negro,… Continue reading Finding Our Footprints in Barbershop- Part 2

The Halo Vision

“The Halo Vision: Reviving the African American Legacy of Barbershop Roots” Hello, everyone! It’s been a very long time since we’ve shared our news with you. Since after the Area 3 contest with Harmony, Inc., our bass, Jasmine, graduated from Morgan State University and relocated to Texas. Preparing for our first International Contest and Convention… Continue reading The Halo Vision

HALO Success at Area 3 AC&C!

Wow! So excited after our first Harmony contest experience! HALO placed 6th out of 18 quartets!! Not only that, we also were awarded the Novice Quartet award, presented by the amazing quartet, For Heavens Sake!* All of these sentences have exclamation points, but… it’s exciting!!! With great feedback from a super supportive audience and a great… Continue reading HALO Success at Area 3 AC&C!

Success at Harmony Sweeps!!

We are so excited!! At our very first main stage performance AND our very first contest together, Halo was awarded 2nd Runner-Up at Harmony Sweeps on Saturday night! Congratulations to the winners of the contest, Stilletta, and all of the fantastic groups that performed– The Lobby (1st Runner Up!), Pitches Be Crazy, The King’s Post,… Continue reading Success at Harmony Sweeps!!

Halo at Harmony Sweepstakes!

We are stoked!! Halo has been selected to sing at the 2015 Harmony Sweepstakes A Capella Contest! This will be our big debut… buy tickets and help us make some noise!