Sharing Race and #RealTalk

Curious about the Race and #RealTalk experience? In this video, participants share their experience and our music. Learn more- and join us! Click the link below: Race and #RealTalk Video

Session 5- We Shall Overcome

A few days prior to our last session, having earlier provided learning tracks to aid everyone’s practice, I called upon the participants who would be willing to arrive a little early to share some reflections and thoughts with me that we could record for a promotional video. (Yes, a cute 5 minute promo through the… Continue reading Session 5- We Shall Overcome

Race and #RealTalk Session 3

Cognitive Dissonance to Social Harmony?    It took about a full 5 days to reflect on our third session, which took a couple of twists and turns into some uncharted territory. With Niambi away in Halifax for Harmony, Inc’s International Contest and Convention (where she shared with Bella Nova Chorus in taking 4th place!), HALO… Continue reading Race and #RealTalk Session 3

HALO’s New Lead!

Over the summer, our lead Nadira France graduated from Morgan State University and is now off to pursue exciting new opportunities. As we wish her well, we are excited to welcome Portia Pitts as the new official lead for HALO! Portia first performed with HALO for the MGM Grand 2017 New Year’s celebration and grand… Continue reading HALO’s New Lead!

Reflecting on 2016

  Hello, friends, family and followers– long time, no nothin’! While we posted updates for HALO on our Facebook page after International, our feet hit the ground running so hard with all of our individual adventures and the whirlwind that took America by storm with the election… we kinda fell off the grid. But after… Continue reading Reflecting on 2016

HALO Hits St. Louis!!!

For weeks, all four of us had been totally psyched that we were preparing to take a 13 hour drive from Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri on 4th of July weekend. And hardly able to contain ourselves from telling the world, folks would ask us the occasion for our trip– so of course we told… Continue reading HALO Hits St. Louis!!!

We did it!!!

Wow, what a weekend! Some folks may remember that HALO had the kerfuffle of trying to negotiate getting to Area contest with everybody’s crazy schedules… no small feat, between a contract with the Dallas Opera, a Motown Rock band, a senior year with the Morgan State University Choir, a toddler and another Harmony quartet (and… Continue reading We did it!!!